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Campaign seeks to raise awareness of offers for SMEs

By investing in energy efficiency, companies can put themselves in a good position for the long term, and also save money.
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Review Spring Event

Read the news on the spring event of the Energy Saving Alliance here.

Energy: Preparing for the winter of 2023/24

Read the winter closing news on the topic of energy here.

Spielend Energie sparen - Gamification-Projekte gesucht

Reichen Sie Ihr Gamification-Projekt zur Förderung des Energiesparverhaltens ein.

Swiss Federal Office of Energy publishes energy consumption dashboard

The dashboard provides an overview of the latest supply situation in Switzerland.

The Energy Saving Alliance has been officially launched

You can also take part in the Energy Saving Alliance.

Federal government releases compulsory reserve stocks of petroleum products

To ensure the supply of oil products, the federal government released the compulsory reserve stocks of the relevant companies at the start of October.

The Federal Council recommends switching over dual-fuel systems

Information on the Federal government's precautions for a possible gas shortage.

Federal Council approves the crisis unit for energy shortage

Information about the government's precautions for a possible energy shortage.

Launch of the Federal government's «Winter energy-saving initiative»

Learn more about the background to the current winter energy-saving initiative.
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